Preschoolers… Vancouver Island Photographer

Miss Emma - Such a sweet little girl! And very excited to get her photos takenI am keeping myself busy with photographing children at preschool centers this fall. I have Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Center, Sonlight Christian Childcare Center and Cedar Riverside Preschool. I like working with children and working with preschools allows me to offer families a discounted rate on portraits of their children. One downfall to this arrangement is that some parents compare us to the school photographers and Walmart who only shoot one image. I take an average of 20-30 images to make sure I get 7-9 images that are acceptable to offer parents. This way parents can create a composite collage of their child, have a bag created, order multiple different prints of different images and still not break the bank. I have to say, that I would not do preschools if I didn’t like the kids. Don’t get me wrong, you get some kids who are just petrified of the camera, but it makes for a challenge. In the end, I usually get what I need, even if it means bringing in a chicken…. Don’t laugh, it happened last year with Little Miss Elsa at Riverside Preschool.
Lucas... Who could resist that smile!

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